School Nutrition Program

Eastside Firefighters Benevolent Fund

School Nutrition Program

The School Nutrition Program was established to address child hunger in schools. Too often, children come to school without having eaten breakfast. Many times those same children did not have a proper dinner the night before, which leaves them with only school lunch to rely on. With that in mind, the Eastside Firefighters Benevolent Fund established the School Nutrition Program to address child hunger in schools.

The goal of the program is to:

  • Work with Schools within the boundaries of Eastside Fire to identify children that could benefit from assistance.
  • Collaborate with school staff on meaningful interventions.
  • Engage with local business owners and the community to assist the Benevolent Fund in providing support to the schools.
  • Bring attention within the community to the problem of child hunger.
  • Act as a catalyst for change

Starting in January of this year, the Eastside Firefighters Benevolent Fund teamed up with Issaquah Valley Elementary to provide breakfast for 40 children in need. The program provides milk and other high protein foods for breakfast each morning. The response from the children and staff has been overwhelmingly positive.

To sustain the program long term, the Benevolent Fund will need support from the community. We are hopeful that through partnerships with local business and citizens, we can make sure children get enough to eat, because children can’t learn when they’re hungry.

Eastside Firefighters Help to Extinguish Hunger